Manitoba's Throne Speech Shows Government Priorities

Yesterday Manitoba’s Chief Justice Richard J.F. Chartier opened the second session of Manitoba’s 42nd legislature with a speech from the throne. Coming off September’s election that returned them with another majority mandate, the throne speech re-iterated many commitments Premier Brian Pallister made during the campaign. The speech focused on their five guarantees: Lower taxes; New jobs; Better healthcare sooner; New schools; and, The Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan. Their 2020 tax rollback plan is aimed to save Manitoba families $2,020 annually, and the next steps of that plan were revealed in the throne speech. This includes eliminating professional fees related to the preparation

Premier Moe Releases Saskatchewan's New 2030 Growth Plan

Today, Premier Moe announced the government's growth plan for the next decade to 2030. The new Growth Plan includes 30 goals for 2030, including key targets of a population of 1.4 million people, 100,000 new jobs, increasing exports by 50 per cent and increasing agriculture value-added revenue to $10 billion. Access the News Release or visit for more information. For further discussion please contact Kevin Doherty at

Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, Announces Committee Members and Mandate for Alberta's Fair Deal Panel

The Premier has announced several new initiatives that build on a letter he sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday, October 22nd, the day after the Federal Liberal party won a minority government in the October 21st election. These new initiatives include the following: Establishing new Alberta Government offices in Ottawa, Quebec and British Columbia to promote Alberta’s message and defend the province’s interests; Introducing a Citizen’s Initiative Act to allow for referendum’s on matters of “widespread public concern (Kenney went on to explain that the new Act will be based on the 1991 British Columbia Recall and Initiative Act; Continuing to act on commitments that were i

Energy in Brief - SaskPower RFQ

SaskPower released their Request for Qualification (RFQ) to qualify for their subsequent wind procurement. SaskPower will be procuring up to 300 MW of wind with a target commercial operation date of December 1, 2023. The RFQ will assess respondents on their level of financial equity and operational experience. As well, project sites will be assessed based on environmental conditions and stakeholder engagement. The current deadline for RFQ submission is January 6, 2020. For more information on the SaskPower wind RFQ please contact: Marnie Dawson Principal, Power & Utilities 587-393-7757   |   610, 304 8th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 1C2