SaskPower Battery Energy Storage RFI

On Friday May 8, 2020 SaskPower released a Request for Information (RFI) for a potential Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). SaskPower is looking for information on the capability, features and options of equipment which will help inform their RFP process. The RFP, to be released at a later date, will be for the design, supply, installation and commission of a BESS with a 20 year operational life. The deadline for questions is May 21, 2020 and the due date for submission is May 28, 2020 at 3pm CST. Submissions are to be filed via MERX in a PDF file format.


  • SaskPower is seeking feedback on their plan to install a BESS northeast of Regina to help address control issues caused by highly variable loads as well as keep unscheduled flows on the tie lines within +/- 25 MW tolerance band.

  • SaskPower is considering a BESS that can either deliver or absorb up to 20 MW of power. This could mean either a BESS with the total size of 20 MW/20 MWh consisting of two independent 10 MW/10MWh units connected at the 13.8 kV voltage level or an alternate connection arrangement for installation of a BESS with the total size of 20MW/20 MWh at the 25 kV voltage level.

  • SaskPower may also consider alternate designs if the outcome is the management of the delivery and/or absorption of 20 MW of power.

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If you have any questions on SaskPower’s RFI or if Prairie Sky Strategy can be of assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to Marnie Dawson, Principal of Power and Utilities at

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