A solid strategy will help your organization become more productive and profitable.


By focusing your resources and building alignment within your team, you can realize sustainable growth. We work with you to develop your vision, clarify your mission and identify the values that are important to your organization. 


From there, we help you build an executable plan that will make your vision a reality.


Every organization needs to be properly capitalized – whether you’re a private company, a non-profit or a publicly-traded company. In today’s competitive business environment, raising money to expand your internal resources takes a professional and systematic plan that prepares you to present the best image to your stakeholders (whether they are investors, banks, private equity, government or sponsors).


We’re not an investment bank, an exempt market dealer, a private equity fund or a bank, but we can help you put your best foot forward by becoming “investment-ready”.


A strong dynamic board provides the right leadership for long-term growth.


Every organization benefits from experienced, educated and thoughtful board members, effective governance practices and an open & honest board room culture. Let us help you attract the right board members with skillsets to enhance your leadership team.


We also provide clarity on the differences between management and governance boards, and recommend the structure, processes and systems best suited to your organizational needs.


In order to achieve sustainable growth, you need to attract and retain clients, and develop tactics to continually fill your sales funnel.


We utilize an 8-step business development process that helps you assess your unique value proposition, identify the right target market(s) and develop a strategy to grow your market share. We will also help you execute your strategy and provide guidance and support to your internal team.


Watch how your business can grow and your customer base expand when you have the right plan in place and you have Prairie Sky to guide and assist you.

In addition to Business Development, Prairie Sky can also help with Project Development and help you advance your projects in a methodical way that follows all permitting and regulatory processes keeping your projects on time and budget.


Your marketing efforts must closely align with your business development strategy. Raising awareness, building your profile, managing your reputation and high-lighting your solutions are all part of a robust marketing approach.


Want to build your brand presence with your target markets in a professional and effective way? We can help to connect you with your stakeholders through a variety of channels. If you want to take your community investment strategy to the next level, we know what to do. 


See what happens when your message is delivered to the right audience in the right way.


Every organization has stakeholders that can either improve, support, hold back or even derail your organization in pursuit of sustainable growth. 


Building long-term, authentic relationships is essential to creating win-win scenarios for all involved.


We help you develop and implement your plan to work with various stakeholders including the community, Indigenous groups, all levels of government, industry and NGO’s. We can also help facilitate Open Houses.


Everyone needs a coach whether you’re a rookie or a veteran. With our support, you can avoid making critical mistakes and become more effective in your management and leadership roles.


We’ve been in your shoes before and we’re here to help you succeed.


You’ve worked hard to grow your business but what is next? According to Industry Canada, almost 50% of SME owners are between 50 and 64 years of age. One of the largest leadership transfers in Canadian history will happen over the next 15 years.


How do you prepare to sell your company when you are ready to move on? We can assist in finding the right shareholders and developing the structure of your company sale.

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